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Mapei - Keracolor FF (25 kg) - 113 cementgrijs

Art nr. KERACFF25-113
Cementvoegmortel met waterafstotend effect.


Grouting interior and exterior floor and wall tiling (single fired, double fired, klinker, porcelain tile, etc.), stone material (natural stones, marble, granite, agglomerates, etc.), glass and marble mosaics.
Some application examples •  Grouting floor and wall ceramic tiles in interiors. •  Grouting swimming pools. •  Grouting particularly smooth and glossy floor surfaces (smooth and polished porcelain, pre-smoothened and polished marble, glazed tiles). •  Grouting ceramic tile industrial flooring where resistance to chemical agents is not required (garages, warehouses, etc.).

Keracolor FF is a blend of cement, very fine-graded aggregates, special polymers, additives and pigments. The use of special hydrophobic additives (DropEffect® technology) gives grouting mortars highly waterrepellent properties, making them less prone to  dirtiness and with excellent durability. The following features are obtained when mixed with the right water ratio and used correctly: •  water-repellent and droplet-effect;
•  good compressive and flexural strength, good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, and therefore good durability; •  a smooth final surface with low water absorption, therefore easy to clean; •  very good abrasion resistance; •  low shrinkage, therefore absence of cracks and fissures; •  good resistance to acids with pH >3; •  excellent value for performance. When mixing Keracolor FF with Fugolastic, a special synthetic resin-based polymeric additive, the final characteristics are improved for use even under harsh conditions (grouting façades, swimming pools, bathrooms, floors with heavy traffic). For further information consult the Fugolastic technical data sheet.



Nettogewicht (kg)* Deze gewichten zijn louter indicatief 25
polymeergemodificeerd voegsel tot 6 mm

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